For the CGIL-SPI 2021 membership campaign spot I had the pleasure to take care of the storyboard, character design and background design. Working on this project gave me the chance to experiment a different style than usual and to familiarize with a vector software, which was hard at first but turned out to be real fun.

Below the storyboard with indications of the voiceover and scene actions: the spot aims to tell new retirees how the union can help them in this life transition, showing some everyday life scenes.
Design of the main character, a middle-aged woman who is about to retire (SPI stands for Sindacato Pensionati Italiani, that is to say Italian Pensioners Union). We wanted her to look aged but not old, and the design didn't change much from the first version to the last: only the shoes are different, and the legs are slightly bent. The colors used for her are hues of red and black, the colors of the CGIL-SPI logo. 
The four backgrounds with the characters placed (and later animated by the talented Giulia Cinicola). 
The last scene should have been - as you can see in the storyboard - a reminder of the necessary precautions against the Sars-Cov 2 infection, but last minute they decided to change it with two smiling characters.
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