Logo design for a YouTube channel project that unfortunately didn't go through.
"Situe sbatti" is Milan slang for "pain in the ass situations" (but more subtle, I think). 
It should have been a music channel, so, after some unsatisfactory sketches, I came up with the headphones idea, to substitute the U of "situe" and the A of "sbatti".
Below you can see the development of the logo, from a handwritten flickering logotype to the definitive version:
The handwriting is replaced with a neat type and the circle is more precise as well:
The S of "sbatti" is made bigger to be centered in the circle and underline the alliteration:
The letters of the type are slightly tilted, to give the design more freshness and personality:
A double S surrounded by the headphones can be used as shorthand:
The early sketches:
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