Illustration made for the short tale of a friend of mine. She wrote it when she was just a child and her mother had always liked the idea of making an illustrated project and print it, so we did it!
The story is about her day in a cat's body, and I have to say even though she was just eight years old or so, it was quite well written.

A clumsy translation:
[...] It was six o'clock, my day as a cat was almost over. To make the most of the time I had left, I went outside: It was evening, the street lamps were on, the wind blowing restlessly gave me desire of freedom and made me slightly sleepy.
It was then that I saw, right in our garden, another cat. I got closer, not knowing what to say I tried to squeeze out some words but she anticipated me: "are you here passing through?" she asked me. I replied that that was my backyard, so I was obviously not in transit.
We slowly began to be friends. With her I did many things like catching mice, chasing other cats, climb on the roofs and stop to look at the stars.
I forgot I had a home, a family, a human life: in that moment, all I wanted was to have fun with my new friend...
Here are some early sketches. We decided to go for the last one, with the cat framed by the light of the house and the other cat in the shadow.
Here the first layout attempt, to define the overall dimensions and proportions in the composition.
Then flat colours and body text adjustments; lastly shadows, textures, and details.
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