Short comic made for the BettyB 2021 comic festival, the theme was "the world, beyond" (intended as beyond the pandemic), and it was showcased alongside the work of other artists during the festival.

The first balloon shows the words of the TV news, those of any day of april 2020. The girl looks at the sad acronym she has formed with some Scrabble tiles, that read something like "collapses every vain illusion of"... the next page shows the girl overhung by all the worrying thoughts and anxieties about her future and that of the world (finding a job, a home, building a future, to live, to be happy, to fight climate change... all things that worried her even before, but that have amplified with the pandemic).
Then, rage comes in. She screams "no, no, NO, NO, NO!", refusing to be crushed by depression, and making all those thoughts fall onto the floor. She sobs for a bit and then, looking at the tangled mass at her feet, decides to do something else with those feelings, something positive. She makes a ball and then walks away, asking "Mum, can you teach me how to crochet?"

This is entirely autobiographical, since during the lockdown I was quite desperate, played Scrabble a lot and learned crochet!
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