This piece was made for the 2023 Cosebelle Call for Artists.
The theme was Kindness, and I decided to interpret it based on a childhood memory:

When I was little, every child I knew was afraid of bees. They had been taught that bees were nasty insects that sting and hurt, just like wasps. But my mother told me they were gentle creatures, that don't attack you unless they're harmed. So everytime there were bees around, I stood still and waited for them to do their business and fly away, and even if they landed on me, I did nothing but look at them (the other kids were quite impressed, even though some of them thought I was just mad). I was never stung.

I recently learned that when they land on people, they often do it for the salt that is naturally present on our skin, specially on summer when we sweat the most. Salt is essential for every living creature, and it's hard for bees to find. 

Sometimes the hardest times to be kind are the ones when you are afraid.
But it's worth trying, I can assure you.
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